Govt. Industrial Training Institute (Women)

Govt. Industrial Training Institute (Women) Gurugram is situated in Gurugram Haryana. Govt. Industrial Training Institute (Women) Gurugram is Industrial Training Institute under NCVT Govt. Industrial Training Institute (Women) Gurugram.

IMC Society has been constituted in November 2009 for active involvement of industry in the management of the institution. Memorandum of Agreement has been signed with Maruti Suzuki India Limited for Up gradation of ITI (Women) at Gurugram under the scheme ‘Up gradation of 1396 Government Industrial Training Institutes’ through Public Private Partnership.

Courses Offered

Principal Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Govt. Iti women gurgaon where our mission is to provide you with the best of infrastructure & academic platform, where you will excel not only in academic but also in various other facets of life which are required to bloom, in today’s competitive world. From the time immemorial, education stands broadly for development. Development of mind so that it can liberate itself from ignorance of what we are, what nature is and how we interact with nature. Very appropriately Vedic quotation describes the goal of education as “Sa Vidya ya Vimuktaye” liberation through education. The goal of education has not changed but the gravity of multidimensional of the goal is becoming starkly clear to all thinking human beings. With increasing demand of society whose membership continues to grow unabated the goal of education has become associated with a goal of achieving ‘good living’ for the individual as also the society which pays for the education. The present age is witnessing a metamorphosis in values & in mind set & gone are the days of stereotyped notion & values inherited from the past generation. Today’s child is busy exploring & would rather experience than to blindly follow.
No doubt Student life is full of joys but at the same time it entrusts students with responsibility, hard work, sincerity & good manner play a vital role in student life. We deal with particular stage of student & try to galvanize their fiery spirit of youth for creativity & constructive work. Today the students are to be helped to develop scientific, reasonable rational human view of life; The whole world is laid bare in front of them to scrutinize & watch with keen eyes the naked truth of life. We as teachers should be taught how to target their aims & not to drift aimlessly on the current of stormy waters of life. They must understand that they occupy an important place in the scheme of life. They should be made to realize the significance of ‘self discipline’ in life & for the institute is not only engaged in training activities but also performing successful activities such as apprenticeship, motivation, campaign, blood donation camp, campus interview, sport activities, cultural activities etc.